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Yearly Schedule & Responsibilities

PGY-1 Yearly Schedule and Responsibilities

The Intern Resident is the front line of the hospital. They spend the majority of their time interacting with the various members of the staff and health care teams to coordinate the care of the patient. Their goals are to understand the various aspects of clinical medicine and to be the focal point of patient care. During the intern year they will spend most of their time on the floors but this is supplemented with rotations in other departments. The following is a typical PGY-1 yearly schedule:

  • 5-6 blocks of Team Rotations
  • 4-6 weeks of night float
  • 1-2 blocks of Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 block of outpatient ambulatory rotation
  • 2 blocks of inpatient electives

PGY-2 Yearly Schedule and Responsibilities

The role of the intern shifts as they advance to a PGY-2 level and is more focused on patient management and leadership. They learn how to manage an intern through their rotations on the floor and also how to successfully manage a patient. Their responsibilities also involve coordination and communication with the house staff during the daily interdisciplinary rounds. They are placed in senior management roles in both night float and ICU rotations under indirect supervision from a critical care fellow. The following is a break-down of a typical PGY-2 schedule:

  • 4-5 blocks of Inpatient Teams Rotations
  • 4-6 weeks of night float
  • 1-2 blocks of ICU
  • 3-4 blocks of electives

PGY-3 Yearly Schedule and Responsibilities

The PGY-3 is a year of career pursuit and opportunity. The PGY-3 resident forms an idea of where they see their future in medicine and the program does its best to facilitate and further those goals. These can include the opportunity to work in a private outpatient office to doing out of hospital electives in other hospitals. The PGY-3 is the leader of the residency. They are the senior resident in the hospital at night and they are the team leaders during their inpatient rotations. A typical PGY-3 schedule is as follows:

  • 2-3 blocks of inpatient team rotations
  • 1-2 blocks of Cardiac Care Unit
  • 6 blocks of electives
  • 2 weeks of Geriatrics
  • 1 block of Emergency Medicine