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Message from the Program Director

Welcome from the PD and our St. Michael’s family:

Ted DaCostaSMMC was founded in 1867 by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor to help the poor immigrant population. The long history of helping the underserved still holds true today with our busy Peter HO HIV Clinic (one of the largest and earliest clinics in HIV in the country) and our hospital serving our community with compassion and care.

Our residency and fellowship programs have been in around for over 65 years. We have a faculty of devoted well accomplished physicians in all areas of medicine. We have outstanding research in the fields of cardiology and infectious disease. Dr. Shamoon and Dr. Slim are world renowned in their respective fields of excellence.

We have a diverse population of patients as well as faculty and residents. The beautiful mix of cultures allows for great opportunity to ensure cultural sensitivity and knowledge in all walks of life.

SMMC believes a happy resident will lead to life-long learners. To ensure our residents enjoy their experience during their training we have incorporated a wellness committee, mentorship program, zero tolerance anti-bullying policy to our curriculum. The wellness committee organizes activities with the residents and attendings. (Basketball, soccer, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, paintball, picnics, videogames, rock climbing, holiday parties ect.) We are developing a wellness room with lounge chairs, pool, television and exercise equipment.

The wellness committees primary role is to make sure the residents remain strong mentally, physically and emotionally. Our mentorship program gives every resident an academic faculty member to use as their guidance counselor during their training. The residents can change their mentor at any point during their training. The mentor is there for any issues (medical or nonmedical) that come up during their training.

After the article in JAMA on bullying during residency, occuring in 1 in 7 residents, we decided to take a proactive approach to bullying and created a “zero tolerance” anti-bullying program. I believe our program already has less bullying than any other program in the country. I believe all programs should adopt this technique to make everyone aware that bullying at any level should never be tolerated.

Our fellowship programs are amongst the top in the nation. We have state of the art technology with great educators. Our subspecialty faculty is directly involved in the internal medicine program. Because of the direct contact that our residents have with the faculty you will have a great advantage to showcase your interest in their field of study and create a great opportunity to be chosen for our fellowship positions.

SMMC program is committed to our community. Our focus is to eliminate disparities in health care delivery. We have found that when patients are educated in understanding the importance of taking ownership of their health better outcomes are seen. We go out into the community and educate and empower our patients on their personal health issues. We are looking for residents who share the same morals and values.

Scholarly activities are a priority in our program. Our Associate Program Director’s Dr. Hamid Shaaban is the director of our research subcommittee. He will guide all our residents into understanding the techniques necessary to publish journals. All our subspecialty heads have active research in their respective fields and work in conjunction with Dr. Shaaban to ensure your research opportunities are meet.

Our grand rounds, QI, M&M, morning report, near miss, good catch, journal club, CPC, residents as teachers, core conferences are amazing learning tools with attending feedback on resident run programs.

Our noon conferences didactic lecture syllabus covers over 132 major topics: 12 Cardiovascular lectures, 12 Endocrine lectures, 13 Gastroenterology lectures, 15 General IM lectures, 12 Hematology/Oncology lectures, 17 Infectious Disease lectures, 12 Nephrology lectures, 12 Neurology lectures, 13 Pulmonary/Critical Care lectures, 14 Rheumatology lectures. Copies of the power point presentations of the core didactic lectures will be available to all residents.

A board review course is also run by one of our APD’s. Each block rotation will have a highly qualified attending working with you. He will review the goals and objectives of the rotation prior to starting the rotation and evaluates you in the middle and end of the rotation. The evaluation community meets quarterly and will let you know how you are doing. Twice a year the PD and APD will review with you all of your evaluations and scholarly activities.

Most importantly you will become a part of the SMMC family. We will strive to make all your aspirations come true. We will convert you from student doctors into the best physicians in the world. The knowledge you obtain and the relationships you make will stay with you throughout your journey in life. We look forward to retaining some of you as faculty and physicians working in our communities. There is no greater pleasure for me in life then helping develop a resident into a caring and compassionate physician.

My family has been a part of SMMC for over 60 years. My father graduated from our residency program in the early 1960’s, I graduated from the program in the early 1990’s and my son is graduating from our program in 2021. After residency and fellowship I have been stayed on at SMMC as APD and now PD.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully accepting you into our family. If you are looking for a wonderful experience as a resident with great opportunities after graduation, including our fellowships and opportunities to stay on with us as internist and hospitalists, think strongly about SMMC.


Dr. Theodore A. DaCosta, MD
Program Director/CAO SMMC NYMC