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Resident Testimonials

In March of 2020, when I learned I matched into Saint Michael’s Medical Center’s internal medicine residency program, I literally jumped in excitement because it was what I wanted. The journey so far has been one of growth, learning and support. Every day, at least twice, someone tells me “If you need anything at all, let me know.” It feels good to know that I am surrounded by amazing people who share a passion to save lives and provide excellent patient care.
-Folasade M. Ajayi, MD, PGY2

Saint Michael’s Medical Center has always been my second home ever since I was a student here. Patient care was clearly at the heart of this institution, and the residents, attendings, nurses, and other personnel work together to make that happen. Here at Saint Michael’s, we have access to a wide patient group as well as pathology because we are one of the primary hospitals serving a large community. There are some things that we can only see in theory, but you can undoubtedly see them at this facility. More so, residents' education is a major focus of the program. Even though we are actively involved in patient care, we have set out time for case discussions, teaching rounds with attendings, and board review sessions. If I had the opportunity to choose where I would do my residency again, this will remain my top choice.
-Nyan Bethel, MD, PGY1

At Saint Michael’s Medical Center, I felt inspired to dive into the practice of medicine and I am honored that I have been able to do it side-by-side with such talented, humble and supportive co-residents. I appreciated the warmth of the attendings and residents alike, the kindness of the nurses even to medical students, and the general atmosphere of respect and dedication to patient care. I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I would feel at home in the internal medicine program. It is clear that patient care is the number one priority of all staff here. My colleagues are wonderful people who are accomplished but also humble, friendly, and a lot of fun to work with. We work closely with our attendings who are experts in their fields. They are accessible and eager to teach. The environment here is supportive and nurturing, and there is a wonderful emphasis on education. It is exciting to be a part of a team where everyone works together to learn and provide the best possible patient care. My co-interns, residents, and attendings surprise me daily.
-Krunal Trivedi, MD, PGY1

Saint Michael’s Medical Center trains us to solve some of the nation’s most complex aspects of our health care system. We treat the uninsured, the undocumented, and those who need to be educated about their healthcare. There are ample opportunities to perform procedures, establish continuity of care, and develop exceptional diagnostic skills while stabilizing the part of our nation that bleeds the most. To serve such a community is a remarkable endeavor on its own. Our exceptional nurses, attending physicians, and administration who know this community like the back of their hand, collectively bolster our confidence and urge us to think critically and adapt through the tried-and-true Socratic method. I am absolutely confident that by the end of our training, we will be equipped to tackle any patient who enters through the ER doors and into the wards.
-Riyashat Kazmi, MD, PGY2

Despite the steep learning curve and fair share of stress that comes with intern year, I can say with confidence that I still look forward to coming to work every day. I feel fortunate to be receiving excellent training in Internal Medicine at SMMC, while also feeling supported to pursue my personal interests and career goals. Residency is challenging in so many ways, but the faculty at SMMC are truly dedicated to helping residents thrive. I highly encourage you to come experience SMMC, gain a sense of what we have created here together, and when it comes to making your rank list…listen to your gut!
Dilesha Kumanayake PGY2